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Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, the PC processor that promises greater performance and autonomy

Qualcomm continues to launch news. This time, it announces its new processor, Snapdragon 8cx , which will become the direct competition of Intel.

This processor is designed for PC, to take its performance to another level, emulating the experience that mobile devices offer users, as mentioned by Qualcomm in its statement:

Our goal is to solve the pain points that have plagued PC users for years; Short battery life, slow cranking cycles, lack of a super fast secure connection. The simple truth is that we want our PCs to be more like our smartphones.

For example, it promises to offer a range that goes up to 25 hours, without harming PC performance, impressive graphics and uninterrupted connectivity. This dynamic is possible thanks to the combination of hardware of Snapdragon 8cx, which built from scratch, is manufactured on a process of 7 nm, integrates CPU Kyro 495 (the fastest of Qualcomm) and GPU Qualcomm Adreno 680 (60% more efficient than Snapdragon 850 and 2 times faster than predecessor)

We can review all the features of Snapdragon 8cx in the following video:

PC always on, impressive multimedia experiences, maximum autonomy and enterprise level security, are some of the promises that the Qualcomm team has mentioned when presenting its processor, Snapdragon 8cx.

According to the plans mentioned by Qualcomm, its flagship processor is already being tested by the manufacturers, so we will see the first products with Snapdragon 8cx for the third quarter of 2019.

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